Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Interesting 1950's photographs

Whilst looking for something in my loft space a couple of days ago i found these interesting photographs of my father taken in the mid 1950's when he was a Police Constable in Salford. It's fascinating to see how much things have changed since then.

The first one is of him directing traffic and pedestrians on point duty in Salford prior to the universal introduction of traffic lights.

The second is i assume one of the offices in the Police Station, working conditions i hope have improved somewhat since then.

The third is my father receiving an award for  gallantry along with two of his colleagues. He entered a burning house and saved the life of a 76 year old man in early May 1955, strangely in this era of Health and Safety he would probably receive a reprimand now and not a commendation. These types of acts were seen as bravery back then and in this case particularly so, as my mother was expecting me towards the end of that month.

The other thing which jumps out at me is how crisp the uniforms looked in comparison to those of today.

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