Monday, 31 May 2010

Up Into The Hills

I just got back from a nice week in Spain on Friday and despite it being an incredibly windy day on Sunday i needed to get back out on my bike for a ride. Prior to going away i was considering myself ready to try some more hilly terrain so i decided to head up into the foothills of the Peak District around Potts Shrigley and Bollington. It was certainly a challenging ride with some tough hills where i thought my lungs were going to explode. Still if you dig deep you can usually make it through most things and the cycle back down from the highest point provided a bit of recovery time before i turned for home on the Macclesfield Road, cycling against the biggest headwind i can remember. It really was a great feeling when i got home and although the ride was only 21 miles it was a challenging one. I will be back for more of the same soon.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Last Ride Before a Week Away

Got my last ride in this morning before i go away on holiday for a week, it was a cracker and i shall be reprising it when i come back. Headed out to Macclesfield and then onto the A536 which is a fast, sweeping and undulating road which takes you down to Congleton. I took a slight detour for a quick look at Gawsworth Hall and it's associated church. It's a really nice place for a visit and if you are a culture vulture you can attend one of the many  events they hold in their outdoor theatre which include plays and concerts. Take a picnic and a bottle of wine for the perfect evening. Anyway once down in Congleton it was a quick flip round a roundabout and back up to Wilmslow on the A34, another super smooth, super fast roller coaster of a road. Once back in Wilmslow i dropped the bike off at Royles for its first service, i hope they look after it while i am away.

Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mountain Bike Ride

It's been such a beautiful day today that after going to the gym this morning i thought it would be fun to get my mountain bike out and go for some off road country fun. Jane decided to join me so we cycled up to the Middlewood Way on the main road and then set off on our route using the Middlewood Way and the canal tow paths, i always think it's cheating if you strap your bike to the car and take it to where your going to cycle.
Cycling along the towpath is great fun with lots to see and lots of great views. There were plenty of people out walking and a few tending to their canal boats and enjoying a pleasant drink. The only problem with off road cycling is getting the dreaded puncture and sure enough i got one. Fortunately i was prepared and had a new inner tube on board so completed a fast and efficient pit stop.  On a day like this you can't beat cycling off road, it's good for both body and mind.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Another Day Another Ride

Despite rather dodgy looking weather and a stiff breeze i headed out yesterday for some more training on my bike. I decided to use a route i like but add an extension to it taking in Knutsford and Mobberley which adds a few miles bringing it up to just under 35. The reason i really like this route ridden in this direction is that although you have to negotiate a few challenging hills on the way out, once you reach the top of the ride there is a long and fast downhill 10 mile cycle where you can enjoy yourself and imagine you are on the Tour. Unfortunately the dodgy weather did catch me out and i got rained on twice but lycra doesn't appear to get wet !!

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back on the Bike

Well after a couple of difficult weeks i have put my back problem behind me and resumed  training on my Trek Madone. Wouldn't say i was 100% as i picked up a cold last week and have had a tight chest for a few days, but hey life is short, it's a lovely day and the road was calling. I thought the best way to gauge my situation was to reprise an earlier ride, its just about 29 miles around the North Cheshire area and has a good combination of fast flat sections and moderately testing climbs, some short and steep and others long and not so steep. It ended up taking me 3 minutes longer than last time but considering a couldn't breath freely i am quite happy. Didn't have any problems with the dreaded traffic today and in fact the lorry drivers were amazingly courteous. The worst offenders for generally not concentrating on their driving and cutting you up or crowding you are women in those big Audi Q8's, if they have kids on board give them a very wide berth as their concentration is somewhere else. Anyway feeling good and looking forward to another run out later in the week.