Sunday, 27 June 2010

Iphone 4 Blends

The big question is not how good the screen on the iphone 4 is or how fast the processor is, the big question is. Will It Blend ??

Monday, 14 June 2010

Broken Through The 50 Mile Barrier

Although it hasn't been raining the weather has been pretty poor today, the temperature has been about 16C and there has been a strong wind. Undeterred i set off this afternoon to break through the psychological 50 mile barrier, i had my route planned and was feeling strong, as it turned out the ride proved to be tougher than i expected. The outward leg down to Holmes Chapel via Congleton was a breeze and i was flying all the way with the wind at my back, however the return leg was a different story. The wind that had been pushing me on was now coming straight at me and as well as that the road from Holmes Chapel to Knutsford has a shocking surface, full of pot holes, cut up and very rough, it was a case of get my head down and try and make as quicker progress as possible. Of course everything comes to an end and it wasn't too long before i was in Wilmslow and on the last easy home stretch. Did i break the 50 miles ? yes i did 51.5 miles in 3 hours 21 minutes and don't feel to bad on it, perhaps the energy drink i had near Knutsford should take some credit for that, i haven't had Lucozade since i was a kid.
For the statistically minded i have now done 15 rides since i got the bike, covered 493 miles and used 26,537 calories.  

Friday, 11 June 2010

Interesting Afternoon Cycling

Been out for a great 40 mile ride this afternoon in Cheshire, it's one i have done before but today i added a little addition to it. The weather has been excellent but the ride has certainly been an adventure. Everything was going well until Alderley Edge where i was filtering down the inside of stationary traffic when a woman and her daughter, who were both clearly thinking about which handbag to buy instead of looking, decided to step off the pavement and proceeded to walk straight into me. For me it was like watching a movie in slow motion as i could see it coming but could do nothing to avoid it. Fortunately there was no damage done and i think she was more shocked than i was. You would imagine that this would be enough for one afternoon but no more was to come. Trying to get out of a junction onto a busy main road a not so observant motorist turned right straight across me forcing me to grab the brakes and come to a fast stop. I couldn't unclip my feet from the pedals fast enough and fell sideways to the ground still connected to the bike. Actually it was more embarrassing than anything else, as apart form a few tarmac burns both rider and his machine were fine, undeterred i re mounted and continued on my way with another few miles to go. That was the end of the excitement for the day although i did latch onto a Manchester Wheelers rider for a few miles before i turned off for home. He was a powerful rider and gradually pulled away from me as the miles flew by, it was heartening that it was only gradually. I think more training is needed if i am going to participate in a competitive event.

So having got home and showered i was doing a little surfing to relax and came across this new bike from Trek. It's called a Speed Concept and wow you have to say it really is cool. I doubt i will be investing though as it's £8000.00 !! Check out the review

Monday, 7 June 2010

Winnats Pass Peak District Derbyshire

I have been looking on the map for some climbs to put into my bike rides but somehow i don't think i am ready for the Winnats Pass.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

Symmetrical Sun Loungers

I have just been away in Marbella in Spain for a week and took a few photos with the express intention of making HDR images. Tonight i have finally got around to having a play with them and this is the first. I was taken by the symmetry of these sun loungers and their towels, looking so perfect that i felt it would almost be a shame for someone to come along and sit on them. I can imagine the pool guy watching quietly from afar, secretly hoping that no one spoils his work. I know this type of HDR treatment isn't to everyones taste but i admit to liking this style a lot, the more of them i produce. Click the image to see a bigger photo.