Thursday, 11 March 2010

A story from the quirky state of California

A story from the quirky state of California..............
A couple who tried to save water and money by 
removing their lawn are being taken to court by
 the city of Orange. Quan and Angelina Ha, 
who now have a scheduled court date, decided to
replace the grass on their front lawn with 
wood chips in 2008. The Ha’
said they'd just had a 
baby and began to think about her future 
and the effect of what is
happening to their environment.
Thus they made a decision to replace
their water thirsty grass with the
far more environmentally 
friendly chippings. At a time when
  Southern California cities fine
people for overwatering 
their thirsty lawns, the Ha’s said they've 
saved hundreds of thousands
of gallons of water and 
drastically lowered their water bill.
But the city cited them for violating a law 
that requires ‘live landscaping’
to cover 40 percent 
of the yard. The couple planted drought-tolerant 
plants last year but the
city said it wasn't enough.
The city said it wants them to come up with a 
compliance plan.

Ah yes, this is the land of the free!

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