Tuesday, 13 April 2010

First Ride On My New Trek Madone

Finally picked up all the gear i needed from the bike store yesterday in readiness for a week of good weather as forecast by the BBC, and sure enough this morning dawned bright and sunny. After some initial messing around i finally got underway at 11.00 and rode out towards the sun !! What a revelation a road bike is after being used to riding a mountain bike, those smooth tyres make all the difference and i was soon racing ahead like the wind. The Trek Madone felt like a Porsche, fast, taught, great handling and comfortable as well, so much so that i couldn't believe the pace that i could keep up, especially on the flat. I had chosen a route which i felt wouldn't be too difficult for my first ride with a nice mixture of flat runs and hills. Before i knew it, at the turn of the hour i was well over half way round and feeling good, another thirty minutes saw me back home making a welcome capuchinno and pondering how i had managed to cover nearly 25 miles in an hour and a half, this is certainly something i never managed on a mountain bike. The route i had chosen was a lot of fun although a couple of the hills were a bit tougher than i thought they might be, but hey first time out what did i expect ? Pretty sure tomorrow will bring a few aches and pains however i hope to be back in the saddle on Thursday, weather permitting. I am sure that all the top makes of bikes at this level perform really well but it has to be said that i am very impressed with the Trek Madone, for the odd moment or two you can imagine that you are Lance Armstrong on the Tour De France, ok perhaps not !! 

Below is a map of the route i covered on a website called Map my Ride, which is a pretty cool place if your into cycling or running.

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