Monday, 14 June 2010

Broken Through The 50 Mile Barrier

Although it hasn't been raining the weather has been pretty poor today, the temperature has been about 16C and there has been a strong wind. Undeterred i set off this afternoon to break through the psychological 50 mile barrier, i had my route planned and was feeling strong, as it turned out the ride proved to be tougher than i expected. The outward leg down to Holmes Chapel via Congleton was a breeze and i was flying all the way with the wind at my back, however the return leg was a different story. The wind that had been pushing me on was now coming straight at me and as well as that the road from Holmes Chapel to Knutsford has a shocking surface, full of pot holes, cut up and very rough, it was a case of get my head down and try and make as quicker progress as possible. Of course everything comes to an end and it wasn't too long before i was in Wilmslow and on the last easy home stretch. Did i break the 50 miles ? yes i did 51.5 miles in 3 hours 21 minutes and don't feel to bad on it, perhaps the energy drink i had near Knutsford should take some credit for that, i haven't had Lucozade since i was a kid.
For the statistically minded i have now done 15 rides since i got the bike, covered 493 miles and used 26,537 calories.  

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