Friday, 11 June 2010

Interesting Afternoon Cycling

Been out for a great 40 mile ride this afternoon in Cheshire, it's one i have done before but today i added a little addition to it. The weather has been excellent but the ride has certainly been an adventure. Everything was going well until Alderley Edge where i was filtering down the inside of stationary traffic when a woman and her daughter, who were both clearly thinking about which handbag to buy instead of looking, decided to step off the pavement and proceeded to walk straight into me. For me it was like watching a movie in slow motion as i could see it coming but could do nothing to avoid it. Fortunately there was no damage done and i think she was more shocked than i was. You would imagine that this would be enough for one afternoon but no more was to come. Trying to get out of a junction onto a busy main road a not so observant motorist turned right straight across me forcing me to grab the brakes and come to a fast stop. I couldn't unclip my feet from the pedals fast enough and fell sideways to the ground still connected to the bike. Actually it was more embarrassing than anything else, as apart form a few tarmac burns both rider and his machine were fine, undeterred i re mounted and continued on my way with another few miles to go. That was the end of the excitement for the day although i did latch onto a Manchester Wheelers rider for a few miles before i turned off for home. He was a powerful rider and gradually pulled away from me as the miles flew by, it was heartening that it was only gradually. I think more training is needed if i am going to participate in a competitive event.

So having got home and showered i was doing a little surfing to relax and came across this new bike from Trek. It's called a Speed Concept and wow you have to say it really is cool. I doubt i will be investing though as it's £8000.00 !! Check out the review

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