Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Back on the Bike

Well after a couple of difficult weeks i have put my back problem behind me and resumed  training on my Trek Madone. Wouldn't say i was 100% as i picked up a cold last week and have had a tight chest for a few days, but hey life is short, it's a lovely day and the road was calling. I thought the best way to gauge my situation was to reprise an earlier ride, its just about 29 miles around the North Cheshire area and has a good combination of fast flat sections and moderately testing climbs, some short and steep and others long and not so steep. It ended up taking me 3 minutes longer than last time but considering a couldn't breath freely i am quite happy. Didn't have any problems with the dreaded traffic today and in fact the lorry drivers were amazingly courteous. The worst offenders for generally not concentrating on their driving and cutting you up or crowding you are women in those big Audi Q8's, if they have kids on board give them a very wide berth as their concentration is somewhere else. Anyway feeling good and looking forward to another run out later in the week.

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