Saturday, 15 May 2010

Mountain Bike Ride

It's been such a beautiful day today that after going to the gym this morning i thought it would be fun to get my mountain bike out and go for some off road country fun. Jane decided to join me so we cycled up to the Middlewood Way on the main road and then set off on our route using the Middlewood Way and the canal tow paths, i always think it's cheating if you strap your bike to the car and take it to where your going to cycle.
Cycling along the towpath is great fun with lots to see and lots of great views. There were plenty of people out walking and a few tending to their canal boats and enjoying a pleasant drink. The only problem with off road cycling is getting the dreaded puncture and sure enough i got one. Fortunately i was prepared and had a new inner tube on board so completed a fast and efficient pit stop.  On a day like this you can't beat cycling off road, it's good for both body and mind.

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